About Me

Who am I?

Hey, I am Seppe Dorissen and I'm born in 2006 on the 7th of June.
I am a beginning/learning Developer, designer and streamer (twitch.tv/videostreamers) .
I try to learn as much as there is from development as I possibly can!
When working on a project, I like to give it all I have, and I always try to make the best results I can!


I am a student at Campus HAST in Hasselt (Limburg - Belgium) and I work at an Action store.
Currently I am following the course "IT and Networks (6th year)" where I further learn about computers and programming.
My goal is to follow the coarse "Game Design" at Luca School of Arts in Genk. And when I'm finished with school, I am going to work as a game developer + designer.
I also like to make websites, I made the one you currently see, the website of Theatergroep Motus and more (see Portfolio)


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Interested in development or gaming? This is the place to be for you! You can ask me any development question, and I'll also post some games and updates here exclusively.

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VideoStreamers' Community

This is my (twitch) discord community!
Join the discord and chat along! :D

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VideoStreamers' Designs

This is my very own designs discord where you can ask any question about designing for me, and see some of my recent works!

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This is my school classgroup. Feel free to join and hang out! :D

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